Why Us?

421032_344612075578305_1834278868_nA refreshing departure from big box bridal shops and over-priced boutiques, Destiny's Boutique offers a new approach to bridal shopping. Go beyond the status quo and experience the only intimate bridal salon in Centerville; complete with expert bridal consultants and innovative services like our online registration.

Every Destiny's Boutique bride receives the Peace of Mind that’s fostered from a relationship with an honest, caring, and experienced bridal consultant. Our consultants are experts at creating the perfect mix of bridal attire for your occasion. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the high pressure sales that have become all too common among Centerville bridal shops. At Destiny's Boutique, brides are cared for and treated as part of the family.

Beautiful bridal gowns can be found in all bridal shops. A Destiny's Boutique bride takes home a beautiful gown at a great price AND the satisfaction of knowing that she’ll have a reliable partner right up until her wedding day.

When you schedule your appointment, we’ll have a fitting room prepared just for you. We request that all brides make an appointment so that she can receive the unique experience that defines Destiny's Boutique.